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la salsa loca (reader submission)
Finally the best Mexican restaurant opens in town! The first Korean franchise of the popular Mexican restaurant chain opened in Yeouido a few months ago. It's not Taco Bell. In fact, it is . . . more
  Overall: 4.8
  Taste: 5.0
  Price: 3.8
Kyushu Ramen (reader submission)
If you've been in Korea long enough, you will have heard someone or another talking about ramen. In the case of Korea, this means instant ramen, which comes in a number of usually hot and . . . more
  Overall: 3.5
  Taste: 4.0
  Price: <10,000
Puffin Cafe (Marty and Deanna)
Puffin Café is located in Hannam-dong, near the entrance of the UN village. We have visited it several times especially for breakfast. In fact we first tried Puffin Café because . . . more
  Overall: 4.0
  Taste: 4.0
  Price: 5-10,000
Xi'an (reader submission)
When people ask me what I think is the best restaurant in Korea, I need not hesitate to mention this wonderful restaurant situated in a back street a stone's throw away from the bustling shopping . . . more
  Overall: 5.0
  Taste: 5.0
  Price: 30-50,000

Aida Trattoria (reader submission)
Modern, clean, and very, very white, Aida Trattoria is a gem of an Italian restaurant in the heart of Apkujong-dong.  Located in an area littered with notable Italian restaurants, Aida Trattoria . . . more

  Overall: 4.0
  Taste: 4.0
  Price: 20-30,000
Wood and Brick (Marty and Deanna)
The Wood and Brick is a fine little eatery located in downtown Seoul near the Kwanghwamun intersection. To the northwest is the Sejong Cultural Center; to the east is the . . . more
  Overall: 4.5
  Taste: 5.0
  Price: 20-50,000
(Ju)-Shin-Jong (Rick)
Having lived and worked in Yoido, I had an opportunity to get to know the area well. Also, having lived in Seoul for 6 years, I have tried pretty much all the different types of Korean foods . . . more

  Overall: 4.5
  Taste: 5.0
  Price: 45,000 (x2)
Pho USA (Marty and Deanna)
Phö USA is a little Vietnamese noodle restaurant located in Kangnam. If you exit #7 Kangnam station and go up one block, turn right at McDonalds and go straight to . . . more
  Overall: 3.0
  Taste: 4.0
  Price: 3-20,000
Ho Lee Chow (Marty and Deanna)
Ho Lee Chow is located in I'taewon near the Hamilton Hotel. Go up the lane beside the Hamilton and turn left at Cyberia Internet Café. Follow this alley to the end and you will see a . . . more
  Overall: 3.0
  Taste: 4.0
  Price: 8-15,000
Holly's (Marty and Deanna)
Holly's is located in Kangnam station. If you enter using exit #6 or #7, go straight to the middle. Exit #6 turn left, exit #7 turn right. You will find it in the middle looking out at the subway entrance . . . more
  Overall: 3.0
  Taste: 4.0
  Price: 2-6,000
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