(Ju) Shin Jong
by Rick






5000W to 15,000W (per menu item), about 45,000W for two people


Having lived and worked in Yoido, I had an opportunity to get to know the area well. Also, having lived in Seoul for 6 years, I have tried pretty much all the different types of Korean foods available, and eaten in the many "specialty" areas.

I have a great love for the taste of "Han-ow gogi" (Korean beef) and have tried everything from the country "Shik dangs" (Restaurants) to the famous (and very expensive!) beef shops around "Ye-sol-lae-jun-dang" (Seoul Arts Centre). Nowhere have I found a place that both equals the taste and service as that of "
(Ju) Shin Jong" in Yoido.

(Ju) Shin Jong" is a huge Korean restaurant (about 20 Western style tables, and over 60 sit on the floor types) that specializes in fresh, "off the hook" Korean beef that is butchered and cut right there by it's artisan butcher staff.

(Ju) Shin Jong" prepares all the cuts of beef to suit and please anyone's taste (There are over 27 different menu items, total). I recommend the an-shim (tenderloin) or the kal-bi sal (prime rib cut). Plus, if you want to try something new (for beef anyway) I recommend the cha-dul-bae ki (thinly sliced medallions of beef). Cha-dul bae-ki is very interesting. I've never had anything quite like it before; it's juicy, chewy and tender all at the same time, really different. All of this is cooked on a stone/iron pan, over an open flame in the middle of the table, and comes with a variety of side dishes.

Besides all the various meat cuts that are available, they also have a lot of unique Korean dishes as well. The kay (crab) is really yummy; its served raw, in the shell after having been marinated for several days. Also, there is a sauce there that I recommend to use when eating the beef (rather than the standard sesame seed oil and salt), I call it "Yang" sauce. The "yang" sauce is what I think makes the meat even extra special. It's a jam-looking sauce made from Korean pepper paste, crushed apples and pears, along with some other secret that just makes the meat taste fantastic! You have to ask for it, it doesn't come automatically with all the other side dishes (it's free).

(Ju) Shin Jong" definitely isn't a quiet wine and candle place. As it's located in the heart of Yoido, most of it's customers are business professionals or TV talents; its always busy, usually the waiting time to get in is around 10-15 minutes, just tell the greeting staff your name and how many people. But, trust me its worth it.

For such a busy place, it's amazing how great the service is. About 20+ well-organized "Augimas" look after all the needs of the 350+ customers. They even help cook the stuff for you from time to time. Although I prefer doing it myself because its fun and I think these ladies have enough to do with all the people in there. They are very friendly. One thing though, they don't speak English. So just read or point off the menu (in fact, there may be an English menu available there now). Considering the volume of people, the amount of work to be done, and how clean everything stays, these service people are magicians if you ask me! If you really need English assistance just ask for the owner, Mr. Kim, he speaks English and is a really nice guy (a famous, still working, Korean actor. How he handles both jobs is beyond me!).

Along with your meal, you will also be served some free stuff; meats of various kinds served as a sample portion. These meats run into the exotic, but are really good! Also, you get a free dessert and soup (Nur-lyun ji - Korean scorched rice in broth, ice cream and ice coffee.)

All of this with soju will run you about 45,000 won for two people. This is fair considering the quality and taste of the food, and the great service. A great place to date or eat with foreign or Korean friends.

To get to
(Ju) Shin Jong is easy. The easiest way is to go to Taebang station on the red line and catch a 2000 won taxi to the Mi-won Building (start from the "Ara" coffee shop corner of the Mi-won BLDG). From there walk about 70 meters into the "Junkwon" (securities) area on the left side of the road. (Ju) Shin Jong is in the basement of the "Hanvit Bank" building across from the "Shin young" securities building. Their telephone number is 02) 784-6662. They are open from 11 A.M. to 11 P.M., the peak hours are 6 P.M. to 10 P.M..

I hope you enjoy it as I know you will. Once you go there, I'm sure you'll become a regular!

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