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Ho Lee Chow



8,000 to 15,000W per dish 

Ho Lee Chow is located in I'taewon near the Hamilton Hotel. Go up the lane beside the Hamilton and turn left at Cyberia Internet Café. Follow this alley to the end and you will see a bright red sign that reads Ho Lee Chow.

For those of you who came to Korea expecting to find all restaurants serving sweet and sour chicken balls and Chow Mien, and instead found Ja Ja Myong and kimchi, Ho Lee Chow is your new home. The food is Cantonese style Chinese food, just like you found back home. The menu offers the traditional sweet and sour dishes, Wonton soup, and Spring Rolls to the more spectacular sizzling plates of beef or seafood.

De recommends the Lemon Chicken
The chicken is actually floating in a sea of lemon sauce.

Marty recommends the fried rice
The fried rice dishes are served in large portions and are the least expensive items on the menu.

Another nice touch is the Jasmine tea that is served with your meal. It tastes wonderful and compliments the meal beautifully. For those of a more soda nature, they serve the usual compliment of sodas and there is no charge for re-fills.

On the down side, the décor of Ho Lee Chow leaves a little to be desired. The restaurant itself is sparsely decorated and one has the impression of being stranded in a fancy cafeteria. The music tends to be a little eclectic and not always well-suited to the image trying to be projected. As well, they have been promising a delivery service since they opened, but it has yet to be realized.

Overall, Ho Lee Chow is one of our favorite places to dine. The service is adequate and the food is quite good. It offers a change of pace from Korean or Western style cuisine at a price that won't break the bank.

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