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5,000W to 35,000W

The Wood and Brick is a fine little eatery located in downtown Seoul near the Kwanghwamun intersection. To the northwest is the Sejong Cultural Center; to the east is the Kyobo Building. On the northwest corner of the Kwanghwamun intersection is a Winners restaurant. Continue west past Winners for about 20 or 30 meters. The Wood and Brick is a two-story structure. You can't miss it.

On entering the establishment you will notice the bakery to the right. This is a great place to grab a quick bite on the cheap or to get some take-out to surprise whomever is waiting for you back home.

In the Bakery:
Marty recommends the Beef sandwich on Foccacia bread

The restaurant itself is beautiful. True to its name the building is made of brick. I have only had the opportunity to try the lunch-time fare but I shall return for the full dining experience. The Lunch Menu offers a plate-by-plate deal or lunch-time set for 17-22,000 Won. The set looks very good, however, it might require a superhuman appetite. I chose the Lobster Ravioli.


It is beyond my ability to put into words how good it was. And for 8,000 won, pishhh?.

Obviously, Marty recommends the Lobster Ravioli

The meal was served with a selection of fresh bread and pickles. I complemented my meal with a glass of house red. They served a reasonable Australian red from Wyndham Estates. I have always been fond of Wyndham wines, especially Bin 444.

The atmosphere was wonderful, though a little packed at lunch, mostly with foreign embassy staff. The service was stellar. If I had to give a description I would say this is the place you want to take that special someone if you are trying to create a favorable impression. This place is almost beyond need of a review. It should simply be said, go forth with your belly empty and partake of the nirvana that awaits. It should also be said take along your wallet, for though it is not over-priced, it is not cheap.

Till next week,

Ok, here is the scoop. We re-visited the Wood and Brick and it was everything we knew it would be and more. The upstairs has a wonderful ambience and the service was very good. But more importantly the food was, was, was, it was like, uh¡¦ I mean it was really¡¦ and the¡¦ Just try it, if you are disappointed then there is no light at the end of your tunnel.

We started with pan-fried calamari and a Bordeaux. I was disappointed with the absence of the Hunter Valley Bin 444. They had a sister vintage when I was there for lunch, and it is one of my favorite all around wines.

Deanna votes for the Veggie Lasagna


The lasagna was beautiful. De was impressed with the spicing and the portion. It was complemented by the bread made in their in-house bakery.


Marty gives the Scandinavian Salmon Steak a three thumbs up, and that ain't easy


I am not going to describe the place in any more detail. You will just have to go and try it for yourself. Unfortunately the dinner was soooooo good, that we didn¡¯t have any room for dessert. On the plus side that means we will have to go back one more time. Damn it all, this job is just so taxing!

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