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Puffin Café




Price: 5000W to 10,000W

Puffin Café is located in Hannam-dong, near the entrance of the UN village. We have visited it several times especially for breakfast. In fact we first tried Puffin Café because it was rumored to have HASHBROWNS! Actual hashbrown potatoes! For those who have searched in vain throughout Seoul for a real breakfast, it can be found here. You can perhaps try the homemade German sausage, your standard bacon and eggs or pancakes.

To accompany your meal they offer a wide range of wonderful free leaf teas and real coffee! You can choose a lighter Seoul blend or a stronger Vancouver blend. In fact they actually roast their own coffee beans in-house. They are trying to promote their beans for sale to small, quality coffee houses. I wish them all the best in this endeavor since their coffee is wonderful.

From breakfast we moved on to try lunch which includes a great selection of deli-style sandwiches on "Panni" bread. They also have a great "Rueben" sandwich! (Marty’s recommendation) The sandwiches include a great salad. Their standard menu is supplemented by some "Canadian" Chili and several rice dishes.

A recently bolstered addition is the bakery. It is fully stocked with great muffins, cheesecake, apple pie and cakes. Coupled with a pot of tea or a cup of Joe it makes a great place for a quick snack.

All of the above is wrapped in a comfortable restaurant described as a "Cozy home away from home". The atmosphere is a big plus with antique style furniture, great music, and an in-house pet in the form of a cat named "Candy".

The only room for improvement we could find was the service. The staff was eager and friendly when asked to do something. However, because the atmosphere is so western one kind of expects western service. This would mean not having to ask for everything. Yet, in the big picture, this hardly detracts from the quality of this excellent neighborhood eatery.

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