3,000W to 20,000W


     Phö USA is a little Vietnamese noodle restaurant located in Kangnam. If you exit #7 Kangnam station and go up one block, turn right at McDonalds and go straight to the top of the hill you will find Phö USA on the second floor.

  Phö USA is a decent place to grab a quick bite and fill up on a good bowl of noodles. It is healthy and delicious. For those of you not up on your Vietnamese noodles, they are a thin noodle, mixed with lemon, bean sprouts, and onions. You can add brisket or rare steak.

     The noodle dishes were quite good and not that expensive. I tried the brisket while my friend tried the steak. While it is probably not somewhere I would wake up in the morning and think "Geeez, I would really love some noodles", it is a good place for a healthy meal that won't leave you feeling bloated and doesn't have kimchi as a principle ingredient. It is a refreshing change from the regular fare to be found in Seoul. One note however, avoid the liquor and the appetizers on the menu, as they are strangely overpriced compared to the noodles.

     On the down side, they have adopted the popular modern interior style. You know, tiny black and chrome chairs with the open sparsely decorated room and wooden floors. It just isn't me. But it is quiet and allows for conversation with your dining partners. The service was ok, nothing stellar but satisfactory. All and all, it is worth the time if you're in the area and can't decide on anything else. It is not really a place to plan for but makes a great off the cuff decision.

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