1,000W to 6,000W


Holly's is located in Kangnam station. If you enter using exit #6 or #7, go straight to the middle. Exit #6 turn left, exit #7 turn right. You will find it in the middle looking out at the subway entrance area.

Holly's is a Starbucks style coffee shop. So for those of you who are craving a real Mocha, with whipping cream and chocolate sprinkles, instead of some "premium" coffee at 10,000W a cup, Holly's is for you. It is shameful how they have plagiarized Starbucks, but for those of us who grew up on the Yuppie coffee shop culture this is a Mecca. Any coffee you ever tried back home they can do.

On top of this, they offer Bagels in sandwich form or with cream cheese. These are probably the best bagels I've had in Korea. Actually, wait a minute… I'm going for lunch… Okay, that's better. As I was saying, the bagels are really good and mixed with a Mocha, you have the recipe for a relaxing lunch or snack.

On a unique note, the owner has a collection of custom-made pottery. They have a wide selection of coffee mugs and tea cups, done in a variety of colors and designs. They are really, very nice. They also have several models of travel mugs.

Finally, they also use a stamp card system, where you receive a free coffee after you buy ten cups. In the end, Holly's is a great place to grab a cup of joe, and a light snack or quick lunch.

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