Head to the ever expanding list of Korea-related job links. The place to start for those looking for English teaching positions, jobs in business, technical and engineering positions, etc. The section also has some great places to find general info on work in Korea.
What Should I Bring to Korea? (reader submission)
There are several things that you should consider bringing with you, and some things you should definitely not. If you forget, and you probably will, you can find almost anything . . . more
Know before you go!
Stop by our 'Books on Korea page' (brought to you in association with to help prepare for life in Korea. Books on travel, history, culture shock, etc.

Korean Employee Tax and Health Insurance Withholding Rates
Thanks to the Jobs and Expats sections of this website, I frequently get asked about tax and health insurance costs for workers and employees in Korea. While I’m sure that, like any government program anywhere, there are variations ... more

Korean Labor Law
Problems with your boss? Questions about your employment contract? Check out the Korean Ministry of Labor's English Site and read about labor law to your heart's content.
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