Speaking for Everyday Life
by Scott Fisher and Brian Stuart*

UPDATED FEB 2015: The second editions of Speaking for Everyday Life were released in February 2015! The updated books follow the same structure as the originals (no need to upend your syllabus), but with updated dialogs, images, and themes (e.g. getting directions largely changed with the advent of smartphones - the new books reflect these societal and linguistic trends).

As before, the books focus on Korean learners of English, not some hypothetical 'international student'. The books are specifically designed to match the needs and interests of Korean students; just open to chapter one and get started!

Click the book covers for more information from our publisher, Darakwon, in English and Korean, including prices, a sample chapter, and ordering information. For those living outside of Korea who are interested in ordering the book, please see HanBooks.com.


OCTOBER 2006: An English conversation textbook series focused specifically on Korean students of English. No more struggling to modify materials to appeal to your students, no more trying to figure out how to incorporate Korean culture and Konglish into your lessons, no more wishing for activities specifically targeting the needs of Korean students - it's all in here already.

These books were co-written by the author of 1stopKorea.com

Speaking for Everyday Life 1
click to download a sample unit
(Unit 1 Meeting People, good first day lesson)
(15 meg. PDF file, opens in new window)
Speaking for Everyday Life 2
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(Unit 8 Korean Traditions and Customs)
(13 meg. PDF file, opens in new window)
Click here to download unit-by-unit reviews/quizzes for Book 2
(1 meg. PDF file)
Click here to download a 'Konglish' handout based on excerpts from the books

The Speaking for Everyday Life approach is to present dialogs, vocabulary and activities that are related to everyday life in Korea, encouraging students to speak about things they are familiar with while having fun with the numerous language and cultural activities included in each unit. Although the focus is on improving speaking skills; additional listening and writing activities are included in each unit.

Each unit starts with a short introductory activity designed to establish the unit's theme and create a need for the vocabulary and grammar points taught on the following pages. Next, vocabulary practice and dialogs model the expressions and grammar points.

Most importantly, students are then set free to enjoy the numerous activities that serve to practice the language in a less structured, more natural setting. Wrapping up each unit are listening activities, a Konglish section, and free talking questions designed to address any remaining weak points, while further improving the targeted listening and speaking skills.

Available in bookstores throughout the peninsula.

To order online,
in Korea, please visit our publisher, Darakwon
(their Facebook page is often the easiest way to contact them).

To order online
outside of Korea, please visit HanBooks.com (English).

For more information contact me at 1stopKorea.

Each Unit

  • Starter - introduces students to the unit's topic and sets the theme
  • Vocabulary - explains and practices key expressions
  • Conversations - build on the unit's theme by modeling key phrases and grammar
  • Grammar Points - highlight and practice structures related to the unit/theme
  • Activities - give students several chances to practice target grammar and vocabulary
  • Listening Activity - reviews the unit's main concepts, vocabulary, and grammar
  • Konglish! Konglish! - clears up some problem Konglish and/or highlights related cultural points
  • Writing Activity - further reinforces the unit's key points through a simple, optional writing assignment
  • Wrap-it-up Questions - help imprint the unit's key expressions and grammar through 'free talking' questions

*About the Authors

Brian Stuart
- Master's Degree in TESL: University of Birmingham, UK
- Bachelor's Degree in Mass Communications/Journalism: University of Utah
- former EBS co-host for two English conversation programs
- former English professor at Sungshin Women's University
- 15+ years teaching experience in Korea

Scott Fisher
- Master's Degree in Korean Studies: Seoul National University, Korea
- Bachelor's Degree in History: University of Michigan
- author of numerous books and articles on Korean culture, Konglish, and language study
- owner/webmaster of 1stopKorea.com
- former co-host of EBS Morning Special, live radio program for Korean students of English
- former English professor at Sungshin Women's University
- 12+ years teaching experience in Korea

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