Korean Film/DVD/Videos
with a lot of help from KoreanFilm.org
Korean Actors and Actresses
For a brief bio, list of films, and links to interviews, homepages and more head here first.
Indie Story
Korea’s independent movie scene, available in both Korean and English.
Seoul Selection
Online shopping for Korean DVDs, CDs and books.
Books about Korean Cinema
A list of English and French titles, as well as a short list of Korean-language titles, for Korean film enthusiasts. Includes links to more info.
A Short History of Korean Film
From 1903 and the first public screening of a film in Korea, through the colonial period and Korean War, and then right up to today.
Going to the Movies in Korea
Care for some squid with your popcorn? A general guide to heading to the movies in Korea.

For great background information, in English, on Korea films. Includes plenty of useful links.

British-based Korean pop music site with lots of useful info and a large archive of music videos.
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