This area is very impressive if you enjoy the performing arts. Taehangno doesn't have much of a shopping area but you need to come here anyway. Taehangno is 'similar' to Greenwich Village in New York. The underground music scene here is huge and Korean university students are very passionate about their favorite bands. You won't find too many hip-hop bars here though - most of the music here is rock n' roll and alternative.

There are many small venues where plays and concerts are held. The smaller theaters are much more intimate and the artists can really feel the crowds enthusiasm. Marronnier Park is a wonderful place to go and visit, a huge open area where plays, concerts, and comedies are acted out daily. During the weekend the park is crammed full of people. Many couples come to Taehangno because it has such a lively atmosphere and many cute and cozy coffee shops.

Transportation: By subway take (Line 4) blue line to Hyewha station

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