It's located in the middle of Seoul. Myong-dong is definitely one of the trendiest areas in Seoul. The streets are always packed with high school kids and young adults. This is a huge shopping district with many boutiques and shops and fashion malls. There usually isn't any bargaining going on here, so if the price says 50,000 then you'll probably have to pay 50,000. This area also has 'good water' which means that there are a lot of pretty women and handsome men in this area, so if your in the mood to people watch then you must go there.

Location: Right in the middle of Seoul

Transportation: By subway, take (Line 4) the blue line to Myong-dong station or take (Line 2) the green line to Ulchiro il(1)- ga.

Insa-dong Korean Traditional Art Shops / Itaewon
/ Apkujong / Taehangno / Shinchon

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