Insa-dong Traditional Korean Shops

      Insadong is wall-to-wall Korean culture and Asian ambiance. About 400 meters of traditional tea shops, art galleries, antique shops, restaurants and ceramic dealers line the street on both sides, branching off in all directions. Every Sunday the street is closed to traffic and opened up to performers, food stalls and all kinds of street entertainment. For a real taste of Korea Insadong is a must!

Hours: The best time to visit Insadong is on a Sunday afternoon. If that's not possible any morning or afternoon will do.


Subway: 5-10 minutes from Chong-kak Station (red line), five minutes from Ankuk Station (orange line), or 5-10 minutes from Chongno 3-ga Station (red, orange and purple lines)

Taxi: tell the driver "In-sa-dong" Bus: The following buses will take you near Insadong (Chongno 2-ga stop): 5-1, 23, 25, 32, 38, 53, 59, 131, 132, 134,154, 302, 542

Insadong is clearly marked on all the subway maps and anyone should be able to tell you how to get there. If you're coming from the Chongno side (as most people do) Insadong is up the side-street to your left. You'll know you're about there when you see the 7-11 (sad but true) on your left.

Insa-dong Korean Traditional art shops / Itaewon / Myongdong / Apkujong
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