Tondaemun market is very similar to Namdaemun but more emphasis towards fashion and apparel. If you want to buy souvenirs then you should go to Namdaemun, but if you want to buy a new stylish blazer or skirt then you have found your heaven. Recently, the market has modernized and built high rise shopping complexes like, Designer's Club, Keopyung Preya, La Epe, Uno Coree, and Samu Tex Plaza. Like Namdaemun, Tongdaemun has a night market that is open all night.

- Location: From Chongno 5-ga to the Tongdaemun subway station
- Transportation: Subway (Line 1 or 4) red or blue line to Tongdaemun station
- Telephone number: 02-265-2413


Namdaemun Market / Tongdaemun Market / Yongsan Electronics Market
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