Korea's Namdaemun Market opened in 1414 and is a historic landmark with over 1300 shops and stalls. Namdaemun is the largest general wholesale market in Korea and it covers a 10-acre area. Namdaemun is renowned for having inexpensive items daily. The market has clothing, food, accessories, books, glasses, flowers, ginseng, and so much more!

     Namdaemun is much cheaper than Itaewon or any of the department stores. Most small storeowners come to Namdaemun and buy their goods and then resell them at a 20% to 30% markup. Namdaemun's night market is where most of the best buys are, between midnight and 4 am. Also, remember to bargain for prices. If a storeowner says 40,000 then try to get it between 33,000 and 35,000. Namdaemun is closed every 1st and 3rd Sunday.

- Location: Southeast of Sungnyemun gate, on Namdaemunno street
- Transportation: Subway (Line 1 and 2) red and green line to City Hall station
                         or (Line 4) blue line to Hoehyon station.
- Telephone number: 02-753-2805


Namdaemun Market / Tongdaemun Market / Yongsan Electronics Market
Kyongdong Herbal Market / Noryangjin Fish Market

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