Tourist Information Center

Set up by Korea's National Tourism Organization to provide English speaking travelers with Korean background and regional information, free brochures and maps, domestic travel bookings and a host of other services. They also offer film screenings of popular Korean films subtitled in English on various days throughout the year. Tourist Information Center


March - Oct: 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. (everyday)
November - Feb: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (everyday)

Subway: located 5-10 minutes from Chong-kak Station (red line) or from Ulchiro 1-ga Station (green line)
Taxi: tell the driver to take you to the (it's a little long!!) 'han-goog kwan-kwang gong-sa'.

For those taking the subway just follow the map near the exits. The Information Center is located in the basement of the Korea National Tourism Organization Building. Just look for the two big 'Cheju Grandfather' statues at the entrance.

Address and Phone Number
Tourist Information Center
10 Tae-dong, Chung-ku
Seoul 100-080 Korea

(02) 757-0086
Fax (02) 318-5197

Or call the Tourist Complaint Center Hotline at (02) 735-0101, fax (02) 771-8464

Korea Travel Phone
English or Japanese language and travel information assistance. 080-757-2000 (toll-free and only available outside Seoul) or 757-0086 (inside Seoul)

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