Seoul Club Scene
by Dave Bonner

Do Korean men have the ability to hook up in a bar setting?

The first time that I went to a club in Seoul, it was called a “Booking Club.” I didn’t know what that meant exactly until I went inside. Now, I’m more used to the traditional club scene. Big dance floor, some tables around or some couches off to the side, a bar, some waitresses walking around selling shots and guys using their best lines on any ladies looking available, and of course some people smoking up or high on X.

I was in for a rude awakening for the club scene in Seoul.


A “Booking Club” looks kind of like a big coffee shop. There are lots of couches around and a small area for dancing. There are no waitresses, only waiters. You have to order some kind of set menu. For example, a bottle of whiskey and a plate of old fruit. The whiskey will cost at least $100 and some will go up to a grand. Usually a night at the club with 4 guys will run over a thousand US dollars. The only people dancing are usually the women cause they don’t want to get “booked” and the men are too busy trying to “book”. There are no drugs to be found. Don’t know if this is a good point or bad point.

Now it’s the waiter’s job to bring ladies to your table. I was astonished at first at watching these waiters pulling girls by their arms and placing them down into the seat next to a guy. I couldn’t believe it, but the girls that go to these clubs know that they will be treated like that so they know the routine. It’s all an act. Men are the same all around the world though. They have the same object, get the girl drunk and then you’ve got a better chance of getting laid.

I’ve also been to the room salons where you have hostesses sit with you and pretend you’re “The MAN” and wait for the end of the night to get a tip from you. Those places are mostly frequented by older business gentleman, as opposed to the “Booking Clubs” that are mostly for the younger crowd.

When I travel in the States or Asia or Australia, I’ve seen many Korean men out at the western style clubs or bars. They just kind of stand there in their packs. Most men go out and hunt for women in groups of 2 or 3 or 4 and they are just like wolf packs, but the Koreans that I see are like bunny rabbit packs. They don’t really talk to anyone, just drinking, some will dance when they get piss drunk, but mostly they are just standing around looking at all the women.

If you took away the “Booking Clubs”, the room salons and the Internet chatting rooms, would anyone in Korea even get laid? Something to ponder . . .

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