Of all the places you visit during your stay the one you're least likely to forget is Panmunjom and the truce village inside the DMZ. PanmunjomA jarring reminder that the cold war is still far from over on the Korean peninsula. Armed guards are in evidence everywhere, North Korean soldiers look down from their observation towers, the tension in the air quite literally crackles. You won't soon forget this half-day excursion from Seoul.

Hours and Admission
Overseas nationals are permitted to go (Korean nationals are forbidden without prior government approval) only with a tour group. There are various tour companies offering trips (check our travel page for links to more info) but the best (and usually cheapest) is with the U.S. military's USO in Seoul. It usually runs twice a week (generally Tuesday and Saturday mornings) for about $25 per trip. All tours can be (and often are) canceled at a moments notice for political or military reasons. Most tours leave in the morning and return in the early afternoon, though some tours stretch into a full day by visiting one of the 'Tunnels of Aggression', going to a museum, etc. The key is to make sure that your tour takes you to Panmunjom and not just the other places.
This will be provided by whichever tour company you choose - generally a nice big bus.

Address and Phone Number
USO: 795-3028
Global Tour: 335-0011
Hanwha Travel Service: 757-1232, 774-3226

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