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I finally got around to processing, editing, and posting two short video clips from my trip to North Korea (Journey into Kimland). The first are some video clips from a CD* of the North's Arirang Festival, the other is from a performance by a talented group of children at the Schoolchildren's Palace in Pyongyang.

To view the clips (in Windows Media Player) right-click on the link and save the file ('save target as') to your desktop for viewing once it's downloaded. Or, just click the link to view it as it downloads (this only works with some versions of Media Player and over a broadband connection).

Please keep in mind this is just a hobby website - I apologize now for any technical difficulties or server-side bandwidth limitations. Also, if you are currently in South Korea, you may be committing a crime by viewing these files. Proceed at your own risk!

Axis of Evil World Tour
Click for more on my travels in North Korea, Iraq, and Iran.
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Arirang Festival
(5 minute clip, 8.7 megabyte download, also available on YouTube)
Photo courtesy Thomas St. John

One of the most amazing spectacles I have ever seen (click here to read my Arirang Festival account) and hardly done justice by a mere video clip.

When watching pay particular attention to the scenes shown on the far side of the stadium - they are not from a movie or special effects, as the NK narrator explains, they are all done by thousands of people simultaneously flipping a series of colored cards.

Schoolchildren's Palace Performance
(5 minute clip, 9.4 megabyte download, also available on YouTube)

The highlight of Pyongyang's Schoolchildren's Palace tour (click here to read my account) was a musical performance by the students.

How kids that young can be so talented and perform so well is beyond me. Their timing and professionalism would do honor to anyone, and, as you watch the clip, you'll soon realize who the honor goes to in North Korea . . .

Child Musicians
Photo courtesy Thomas St. John
Visit North Korea 2005 (short Flash movie, 5.6 megabytes, opens in new window)

I came across this video promoting a 2005 trip to North Korea by the Korea Friendship Association while doing research for this page. If you don't already have Flash, to view the clip you will need to download and install Macromedia Flash Player.

Viewers of the promo who have already read my Journey into Kimland travelogue will be surprised (as I certainly was) to see several photos from my stories featured in the clip. For an example, check out the photo to the right, taken on the road to the north's side of the Korean DMZ. Then look for it (twice) in the video. But hey, what's a little copyright infringment among 'friends'?

Korea is One!
Photo courtesy Thomas St. John
Video Clips on North Korea
(links will open in a new window)
Seoul Train
Beautiful website promoting a documentary on the 'underground railroad' getting refugees out of North Korea. Powerful stuff - check it out at
North Korea: In Black and White
Slideshow of images taken inside North Korea - taken from the Frontline documentary.
Holidays in the Axis of Evil
A BBC documentary partially filmed in the North. The video is unfortunately only available for purchase on tape, not download.
Liberty in North Korea
YouTube video clip about refugees and life in North Korea. Sad. Contains links to other video clips also.
North Korean News (Korean-only)
A Japanese language website (just look for the video clips at the top of the page) that kindly uploads the daily North Korean news broadcast. Interesting way to practice North Korean-style Korean.
a state of mind
"The story of two North Korean schoolgirls and their families in the lead up to the Mass Games." Trailers are available for download.
Kim's Nuclear Gamble
Documentary on North Korea and Kim Jong-il by the U.S. public broadcaster PBS. The entire 53 minute program is available for download.
North Korea - 'a day in the life of'
Dutch film on a day in the life of a family in North Korea. The movie's trailer (in Korean with Dutch subtitles - no English) is available for download.
North Korea Imports
eBay-based store featuring NK videos, books, postcards and more. Very interesting!
Partial Interview with Former Kim Jong-il Bodyguard
Short clip with bodyguard training scenes. Gets cut-off at the end.
Kim Jong-il Riding a Horse (
The kind of stuff you see on North Korean TV.
Marching North Korean High School Girls (
Video of North Korean girls marching off to school while singing . . .
Mo Kin - Smiling (
Clip of a cute little girl singing a song. Kind of like the Schoolchildren's Palace performance.
       features several very short clips from the author's late 1990s trip to the DPRK. The first clip is Goose-stepping soldiers at the start of the parade, next is Ladies in traditional dress marching with multicolored parasols, third is Marching ladies with pompoms. The last clip is Children acrobats.

Know of something else I should include?

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*The first two video clips above are both partially from CDs purchased in North Korea. If anyone from North Korea responsible for them is reading this and has a comment on my postings please head to the feedback page. Thank you.
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