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Study Korean on-line
Sogang University's Cyber Korean on-line program
Praised by many as the best off-line program, this is also a great on-line program. The website is FOREVER moving around and changing its address so if the link above is dead please try the Sogang University homepage, click on 'English' and you should be able to find it.
National Institute for International Education Development
Nice looking site run by the South Korean government. Requires you to become a member (it's free) to access the site.

Interesting blog on learning Korean. Contains lots of useful background info, links and more. Done in an easy-to-read layout.

Interesting blog by someone learning Korean. Useful phrases and vocabulary, plus a discussion forum for related info and questions.
Flash games to help you learn basic Korean vocabulary. Well-done.
Well-made site with a few on-line language lessons. Also has links to other Korea-related sites.
Interesting site that, obviously, sets up language exchanges (via e-mail, text chat, or voice chat) for those interested in practicing a language. Though lots of languages offered there was less Korean than I expected.
Declan Software's Korean Language Page
Very informative site with a history of Hangul, links to other Korean language resources, a brief grammar guide and more.
University Affiliated Korean Language Schools
Seoul National University - in addition to programs on the main campus, SNU's Korean Language Program also has a school in Kangnam/Gangnam. This school is run together with the Gangnam/Kangnam District Office and the University of California, Riverside.
Dankook University
Ewha Woman’s University
Hankook University of Foreign Studies
Konkuk University
Korea University

Pohang University of Science and Technology (Postech)

Sogang University
Sogang also offers a 'cyber Korean' on-line program
Yonsei University
Korean Language Institutes in Seoul
Granada Korean Language Institute
Various classes and levels are available including short-term courses and private lessons.

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