Yngwie Malmsteen

     Yngwie Malmsteen is a true performer. His on-stage presence was unbelievable like I said in my review. I'm not much for rock music or just guitar playing so actually I wasn't looking forward to going to this concert. I heard that Yngwie was not a nice person, but I like to be completely open about people before I meet them. No prejudging here!

After the concert I was a little excited to meet him and interview him. He was the first singer to go into the Soviet Union and play. Even before Bon Jovi. As I waited with a few fans backstage I talked with them about Yngwie. One fan came up from Pusan to see him. If you are not too familiar with Korea, Pusan is super far from Seoul. This college student drove 6 hours to see some guy with really long hair play a guitar. He loved Yngwie and idolized him. He even brought his guitar with him to get signed from Yngwie. Me? I just wanted to say hello, and tell him that I enjoyed the concert. I was told that I could interview him at Hard Rock Cafe. The band was going to Hard Rock after the concert to celebrate Mark Roals' birthday. Mark Roals was the lead singer.

     As I was waiting backstage, low and behold, speak of the devil Mr. Yngwie Malmsteen came walking my way. His hair flowed in the air and the sweat trickled down his face. He walked like he was king of Seoul. Our eyes met and I stumbled to say, "Nice concert" and he said, "." Yup, he didn't say anything, The Big JERK!!!! Couldn't believe it!! He could have said thanks or ok or something. I would have even liked, "Get out of my way kid!" But the big egotistical JERK said nothing and kept walking. He never signed that student's guitar and he refused pictures and autographs after the show.

I loved his way with people. He has an impressive ability to totally ignore people. For those of you that LOVE Yngwie Malmsteen, then I say, "More power to you!" but actually he was a big JERK in person! I would like to use harsher words to describe him, but the site is also translated in Japanese and Chinese so I can't use those bad words.

Actually, I like the ring of JERK! It has a musical sound to it, like Yngwie playing his guitar. The interview you were expecting never happened because when I got to the Hard Rock Cafe he refused to talk to anyone. Am I disappointed that I went to see him play? No, I got to see one of the greatest guitar players in the world, and to top it off I was given the opportunity to be ignored by him also. It was a banner day for all!! How can I be so lucky you ask? It surprises me also! So instead of a dry interview I have planned to link you to MY favorite music group: New Order! Go check out their website at slashmc.rice.edu/ceremony/neworder/neworder.html

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