Internet English
Search Engine Lesson


For this lesson we're going to spend most of our time checking out the major English-language search engines and index pages on the Internet. Learning how to find something on the Internet is difficult but very useful once you figure things out.

One of the key things to remember is that you can type more than one or two words into the search box. This makes it easier for the search site to locate exactly what you're looking for instead of giving you a lot of strange information.



Go to Lycos and find information on studying English on the Internet. In the search box try typing something like learn English on the Internet. Then try Internet English learn. What are the first results? Are they different?



Now let's try that again with Google. Imagine you need information on the latest Hollywood action movies starring Will Smith. What would you enter into the search box? Let's try a few different ways and see what happens.

First try: latest Hollywood action movies with Will Smith
Then try: new action movies from Hollywood with Will Smith
And finally: Will Smith Hollywood latest action movies

What happened? Were they the same? What was most accurate?



Now let's try something a little different. This time I want you to find specific information located somewhere on the Internet. Using Yahoo please find tomorrow's weather for Honolulu, Hawaii. Be careful - look at the information and links on the site before typing anything into the search box. Maybe there's a link to the weather . . .

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