Internet English
Search Engine Lesson II

Get in groups of 2-3 students.

For this lesson we're going to work on using search sites in English. I'm going to ask you several simple questions that you should be able to find the answer to somewhere on the Internet. This will be a competition between your group and the other groups to find the information the quickest - if your group wins you might even get a prize . . .

When I say 'go' every group should start trying to answer the questions below. When you find the answer just call my name and I'll come over to your computer and check. If it's right then your group will get a point and we will move on to the next question. The group with the most points at the end of the lesson wins.

You can use any English search engine you would like - I've listed a few for your convenience.


AltaVista -- Google -- Open Directory Project
Lycos -- Excite -- Yahoo -- AskJeeves

  1. What was the top movie at the box office last week in the United States?
  2. Where can I find the text to Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet?
  3. What is the the web address (URL) of the official site of the White House?
  4. What is the weather like right now in Ann Arbor, Michigan?
  5. How did the DOW and Nasdaq finish in the most recent trading session?
I will read the next few questions from my own list.

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