Two dishes that are a welcome site to vegetarians are bi-bim bab, which literally means, mixed rice and kimbab. Either in a large steel bowl or a piping hot earthenware bowl, a variety of vegetables and a spoonful or two of hot chili sauce piled on a bed of rice makes up bi-bim bab. An egg is usually included and depending on the restaurant it could be fried or raw.

A word of caution to all of you vegetarians out there, some places put some meat in their bi-bim bab, so be sure to say, "Gogi bbae (double b is a strong b pronunciation) juseyo" to have it excluded. Kimbab contains rice rolled up in a super thin piece of dried seaweed (like sushi) and usually includes egg, cucumber, spinach, radish, imitation crabmeat and a couple other vegetables. For a little bit more money you can order kimbab with ground beef, tuna, cheese or kimchi.

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