Unlike China and Japan, which are well known for their teas, Korea has yet to be discovered on a global scale but produces what are arguably the best teas in the world. The most famous tea (cha) in Korea is probably nok cha, or green tea. It's considered extremely healthy and has been linked to a variety of health benefits. If you like sweet teas try, mae-shil cha or ggool tae-chu cha. Check out omi-ja cha and you-ja cha for something a little more tart.

Sweet teas
mae-shil cha - apricot tea
mo-gwa cha - quince tea
ggool cha - honey tea
ggool tae-chu cha - honey jujube tea
ggool insam cha - honey ginseng tea

Tart teas
you-ja cha - citron tea
omi-ja cha - five tastes fruit tea

Bitter teas
saeng-gang cha - ginger tea
ssang-hwa cha - herb tonic tea
insam cha - ginseng tea
ssuk cha - mugwort tea

chik cha - arrowroot tea
nok cha - green tea
yul-moo cha - Job's Tears tea

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