Korean soups (tang) are eaten year round but enjoyed most, like the stews, wSoupshen the temperature drops below freezing. Unlike the stews, spice is not a main ingredient but can be added if desired. The one exception to this is yuk-kae-jang. Here spice is the main ingredient. It contains strips of beef and just looking at it, with its red broth, you know you'll be breathing fire. Sam-gae tang is a delicious, healthy soup that is made with a whole chicken, ginseng, garlic and a jujube. It's believed by Koreans to give one "stamina" although I've personally never experienced this burst of energy. Kal-bi tang is made with boiled pork short ribs and most commonly green onions. The restaurant can make or break this soup depending on the quality of meat that is used. Sol-long tang is a hearty beef stock soup that you add salt to. Most of the soups, like most all Korean meals, are served with rice and plenty of side dishes.



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