Chongdong Theater

    Just around the corner from downtown Seoul's Toksu Palace is Chongdong Theater. A reconstruction of the first Western-style theater in Korea, Chongdong hosts traditional Korean theater and art performances every Tuesday and Friday evening year-round (except December and January). There is traditional opera (pan-sori), folk dancing, Buddhist dancing, etc. from throughout Korea's history. There are explanations in both English and Japanese.

Subway: A five minute walk from City Hall Station (red line or green line)
Taxi: tell the driver 'chong-dong keuk-jang'
A little hard to find tucked away on a small road behind Toksu Palace. From the subway or bus first find the large, easily visible front gate of the palace. With the palace gate behind you turn to your right and take the small, pleasantly tree-lined alley to your right around the palace wall. Enjoy the nice walk. After about 200 meters the road will curve to the right past a small fountain in the middle of the road. Go straight another 50 meters or so and the theater will be on your right.
Address and Phone Number
Chongdong Theater
8-11 Chong-dong, Chung-gu
Seoul, Korea
(02) 773-8960~3
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