Books on Teaching English in South Korea

With the increasing number of English teachers living in South Korea over the past decade it's only natural that a number of books on the subject are finally beginning to emerge.

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'American English'
American English - A Teacher's Journey in Seoul, South Korea

by Andrew Luxner (December 2004)

Whether he's eating dog, visiting a brothel, or waking up next to some nameless Korean girl, first-time author Andrew Luxner paints a picture of modern Korea that is much at odds with Western images of traditional Asian societies. American English chronicles a year of the author's life spent teaching English to a rich cross-section of Korean society. Among his students you'll find bored housewives, belligerent salarymen, spoiled children, and sexy-yet-incredibly-innocent Korean university co-eds.

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Island of Fantasy - A Memoir of an English Teacher in Korea
'Island of Fantasy'

by Shawn Matthews (January 2004)

In this fascinating memoir of an English teacher, the author says goodbye to a mundane existence in America and ventures to teach English on a remote island off the coast of South Korea. Koje-do island, he says, is a mixture of charm and peaceful beauty, but in its city center sits the Wonder School – a place of frantic chaos and disorganization. The story begins with his recollections of a group interview when eight teachers ask him why he wants to be an English teacher. "I love working with high school students . . . more

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'Chopsticks and French Fries'
Chopsticks and French Fries:
How and Why to Teach English in South Korea

by Samantha D. Amara (April 2002)

Samantha Amara guides you through the maze of contract and cultural issues that confront the first time teacher. She offers a checklist of things to ask for and to avoid. And she gives you realistic expectations of life halfway around the world.

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Korea Calling: The Essential Handbook
for Teaching English and Living in South Korea

'Korea Calling'

by Jay W. Freeborne, Allegra J. Specht (November 1996)

Korea Calling is a convenient guide for potential English teachers in South Korea. Separated in three sections: 1) Getting a Job 2) Teaching English to Koreans; and 3) Surviving Korean Culture, the book is easy to use and very thorough. The Teaching section itself is a "greatest hits" of teaching ideas for the classroom, time-tested methods for teaching English to the Korean market.

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Roosters and Car Horns
A few of my own stories about life in Korea collected here at 1stopKorea. Also contains some advice on successfully dealing with recruiters. Just click here or the link above to start reading.



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