Known for its deep roots into old Korea, Andong is a wonderfulAndong  place to visit to experience the vast Confucian traditions and the ancient homes of the yangban or noblemen. Old men dressed in ancestral attire are commonly seen throughout Andong and the Confucian academy, Tosan Sowon, which was founded by scholar Yi Toe-Gye in the 16th century, and is situated nearby.

    Located about four hours southeast of Seoul, Andong is easily accessible by trains and buses of various price ranges.


         Located about 40 minutes from Andong, Hahoe is a traditional village famous for its many thatched roof peasant huts and tile roofed yangban or noblemen homes. Koreans also delight in telling tourists of Queen Elizabeth's visit to the village.

    Designated a historic preservation site, the village attracts many to its traditional mask dances and shamanistic ceremonies. If you're looking for traditional trinkets or souvenirs, Hahoe has many; including the same type of masks used in the dances.

    Catch a taxi or bus from Andong.


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