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'Going to Grad. School'



You're moving! You have just been accepted to graduate school at the University of Washington in Seattle. Congratulations! But don't get too happy - you've got a lot to do before you move:

  • you need to search for a place to stay
  • find a used car
  • get some furnishings (TV, furniture, etc.) for your place
  • find out what bars and restaurants are popular
  • see what the weather's like (so you know what to pack)

Places to Stay

Remember, you're a student on a student's budget. Try and find a decent place close to school that's not too expensive. If you can't find a good place there's always the dorm. Tell us what kind of place you found, how far it is from campus and how much it costs.

Keep in mind the difference between a furnished (includes furniture and appliances) and an unfurnished (includes nothing) apartment. Dorms are nearly always furnished.


Student Newspaper - Apartments

Campus Housing

Seattle Times - Rentals



Used Car

Cars are like legs in the States - it's difficult to go anywhere without them! You have a driver's license and would like to buy a good used car to last you for the two years of graduate school. Use the box to list the kind of car and how much it cost.


Seattle Times - Classifieds



Kelley Blue Book



Now that you've found a place you need to furnish it. Look through the classifieds for great deals on good furniture and appliances. Write down what you bought and how much it cost. Remember - if you're living in the dorm you won't need much.


Seattle Times - Merchandise Classifieds

Univ. of Washington Student Newspaper Classifieds



Find out what's happening on campus and in Seattle. You'll want good restaurants, exciting nightclubs and fun places to go on the weekends. Tell us about some of the places you found.


Yahoo - Seattle

Wash. Student Newspaper

Seattle Times - Arts/Ent.

Sidewalk Seattle


What kind of clothes will you need?

What kind(s) of clothes should you pack? You'll be there for a couple of years so find out what the weather's like and tell us what kind of clothes you'll take. Don't tell us the weather!! Tell us how many seasons there are and what kind(s) of clothing you'll need to pack.


Yahoo - Seattle


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