Advertisement Lesson

This is a pretty easy and fun lesson designed for intermediate students. You can start the class by having each student think of his or her favorite advertisement and then sharing with a partner. They should then decide which one is the best and then each pair can share their favorite ad with the class (storytelling activity). Then give the students the handout. Go over the instructions and examples with them. Put them in groups of three or four. Give them enough time to finish their script. Tell them they will then have to perform their ad in front of the class.

The main problem most students have is coming up with a product. One variation on this lesson would be to have the students make an advertisement for their language school. The best ad wins a prize (candy or a snack of some sort). The students should vote.

I've gotten some really funny ads from my students. The best one revolved around a student being chased by the Terminator who was asking questions in English. After trying several language schools and not being able to speak English she finally came to our school and was able to tell the Terminator that she wasn't Sarah Connor (the woman the Terminator was looking for). This takes about 30-40 minutes depending on the class.















 Advertising Agency

Your boss wants your team to create a new television advertisement for a product. You will have to choose a product (real or imaginary), create a slogan, write the script, and perform the ad for you classmates.


Product: SuperJuice
Slogan: SuperJuice SuperFun

At the ballpark Park Chan Ho is playing baseball and repeatedly striking out.

PCH: Wow, I can't hit anything today. What's wrong with me?

In the parking lot a small boy approaches PCH

Boy: Hey, Park Chan Ho, here have some of my SuperJuice.

PCH: Thanks kid. Here, take my hat.

Boy: Wow, thanks!

The next day Park Chan Ho hits several homers.

PCH: Thanks SuperJuice! I couldn't do it without you!


Try it yourself!




















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