How do you feel? How do you REALLY feel?

I. Vocabulary:

sad                                     happy                           depressed                                 excited

bored                                 sleepy                           nervous                                   angry

frustrated                            scared                          stressed                                    proud

Can you think of any more vocabulary words? Please write them below.

1. _______________________________      2. _______________________________

3. _______________________________      4. _______________________________


II. Fill in the blanks with one of the vocabulary words. For some of the sentences more than one word is possible.

  1. Rainy days make me feel ____________________.
  2. My birthday makes me feel ____________________.
  3. Talking to my boyfriend/girlfriend makes me feel ____________________.
  4. Having a blind date makes me feel ____________________.
  5. Getting up early makes me feel ____________________.
  6. Getting up early to take a trip with my friends makes me feel ____________________.
  7. Someone stepping on my foot on the subway makes me feel ____________________.
  8. Studying hard for a test but still getting a bad grade makes me feel ____________________.
  9. Walking alone, at night, makes me feel ____________________.
  10. Sitting in this class makes me feel ____________________.
  11. Getting a good grade on a test makes me feel ____________________.
  12. Too much to do and not enough time makes me feel ____________________.
  13. Someone giving me some money makes me feel ____________________.
  14. A phone call late at night makes me feel ____________________.
  15. Learning how to drive makes (made) me feel ____________________.

Now try to think of some situations and how they make you feel. Write them below.

  1. __________________________________________________________________.
  2. __________________________________________________________________.
  3. __________________________________________________________________.
III. Now, try asking a partner some of the questions above. Don't forget to ask follow-up questions (who, what, where, when, why, how)!
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