Can ≠ Do ≠ Are

Can you swim?                                                Yes, I can.        No, I can’t.

Do you take the subway to school?                   Yes, I do.         No, I don’t.

Are you a student?                                            Yes, I am.        No, I’m not.


Bingo Directions:

  1. Ask the teacher or other students the questions below.
  2. If they say “yes” then write their name in the box.
  3. If they say “no”, do NOTHING!
  4. When you have four in a row* (vertical ‘|’, horizontal ‘–’, or diagonal ‘/’) then say, “bingo!”
* Every name below must be different!

Can you drive a car?

Are you a good dancer?

Can you cook spaghetti?


Do you walk to school?

Do you exercise everyday?

Can you swim?

Are you the youngest person in your family?


Can you play

Can you snow ski or water ski?

Do you talk to your boyfriend everyday?


Are you a good singer?

Are you a good student?

Are you a student?

Can you ride a bicycle?

Do you put on make-up every day?


Do you use your cell phone in class?

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