Sunrise Peak

     Songsan-ilchu-bong (whew, say that one 10 times fast) as it's known in Korean, is one of the most popular sites on the island for Korean tourists. Also called Songsanpo after the nearby fishing villageSunrise Peak the name describes the unique shape of the volcanic cone that formed the peak. The trail/steps take you up the west-side of the dormant volcano (a short 30-minute hike) to the lip of the crater. The views of the green grass in the crater, the ocean and distant fishing boats, and behind you the fields of (in season) flowers is quite impressive. Most people go at sunrise (hence one of the names) to catch the sun coming up over the eastern edge of the crater. Take a camera!
 5 a.m. to sunset
1 hr. 20 min. by an east bound (to Sonwipo, transferring at Dongnam) local bus from Cheju Local Bus Terminal and 5 min. by circular bus (every 20 min.) to Sungsan's Sunrise Peak.

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