Sokkuram Grotto

    After climbing into the mountains above Pulguk Temple (by car or hiking trail) and then walking back to the grotto entrance you're ready Sokkuram Grotto to see one of Korea's oldest and finest examples of Buddhist statuary - Seokguram (also spelled 'Sokkuram' Grotto).

    Originally built in the 8th century the grotto fell into disrepair and was forgotten for hundreds of years during the Chosun Dynasty's anti-Buddhism campaigns. Now the statue and grotto area have been fully restored and opened to visitors. The one drawback is that the Buddha has been placed behind a glass barrier and photos are not allowed.

Sunrise to sunset
You get to the grotto by way of Pulguk Temple.

Bus: 20 minutes by tourist bus (2000 won) from Pulguk Temple's parking lot.

There is also a trail (about 3 km long) from the temple up to the grotto. Depending on the weather this can be a very pleasant walk - especially going down!

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