Pomun Lake Resort

    A high class resort area developed by the Korea National Tourism Organization, Pomun Resort consists of five super-deluxe class hotels, a convention center, casino, swimming pools, pleasure boats and an extensive number of restaurants and nightclubs. Shuttle and hotelPomun Lake Resort buses connect the resort with downtown Kyongju and the various tourist areas.

The resort is located about 20 minutes east of Kyongju Station and is easily reached by shuttle bus, hotel bus (call ahead) and taxi.
Address and Phone Number
Chosun: (0561) 745-7701
Concorde: (0561) 745-7000; fax 745-7010
Hilton: (0561) 745-7788; fax 745-7799
Hyundai: (0561) 748-2233; fax 748-8112, in Seoul call (02) 225-7690


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