Kyongbok Palace

    Kyongbok Palace     
    Gyeongbokgung/Kyongbokkung (gung/kung is Korean for 'castle' or 'palace') is perhaps Korea's most-visited tourist attraction. Located in and around the complex are the numerous buildings that made up the royal palace, The National Folk Museum (in a very cool looking building), and fronting the whole area is the massive and impressive Kwanghwa Gate. The palace was the home of the royal family for 600 years - making it a target for the various Japanese invasions that helped reduce what was once a 500-building complex into the, still impressive, complex you see today.

March-October: 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
November-February: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Subway: Orange line (line 3) Kyungbokkung Station, five minute walk
Purple line (line 5) Kwanghwamun Station, 10 minute walk
Bus: Approximately 5-10 minute walk from any of the stops near Kwanghwa Gate
Taxi: tell the driver to take you to 'Kwanghwa-mun' or 'Kyungbok-kung'
Perhaps the easiest place to find in town. Get out of the taxi, off the bus or out of the subway and look for the giant Kwanghwa gate. Go through the gate and you're there. Can't find it? Go home, crawl into bed and wait for the buzz to wear off.

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