Frequently Asked Questions


1. Why don't you have more updates? Who runs this website?

  • This site is not run by a company, it's run by an American named Scott Fisher. 1stopKorea is basically a personal homepage I run in my free time as a service to the English speaking community living, and interested, in Korea. If you would like to submit something to put on the site or have any questions please let me know.

2. Can you help me go to North Korea?

  • Thanks to my Journey into Kimland story I'm asked this question about once a week. Unfortunately I have no way of helping anyone get into North Korea. My trip there was a lucky, apparently once-in-a-long-ass-time event. For more info I would suggest the North Korea travel specialty website (no relation to my site): Koryo Group

3. How long have you been in Korea? Where did you learn about Korea?

  • I've lived in Korea (mainly Seoul) off and on since May, 1992. I've been an English teacher, businessman, TV and radio 'personality', author, interpreter/translator, and grad student. I've also helped start, own and manage two companies here in Korea.
  • I graduated in 2003 from Seoul National University with an MA in Korean Studies. My focus was North Korea - U.S. relations and my thesis was on the effects of U.S. economic sanctions on North Korea.

4. I'm planning on getting a job in Korea. How much will my taxes be?


5. Why don't you link directly to the English-language version of Korean websites?

  • I used to link directly to the English version of Korean websites, but found the links went down quite often, whenever the site I was linking to changed its structure and the English page/URL moved. This meant I was forever having to track down and update dead links.
  • By linking to the base URL, which almost never changes, I can keep the link active. Korean sites with a version in English (or other languages) usually place a link to the English site at the top or bottom of the homepage. Please look for that after following the link. Thank you in advance for your patience.
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